Power through Perimenopause

​Four years ago I went through a divorce. 

I wasn't worried because I'd started my life over again at 30 and gone from single, poor and out of work to running my own business, being married with four kids, living in beautiful homes and an abundant life. 

Starting my life over this time felt different. 

I felt lost. I didn't know who I was. I didn't have much energy. I was full of fear and anxiety. And despite doing everything I had done to manifest all I desired in my 30's, nothing was working. 

Then, my periods started to become erratic, I began sweating at night, not sleeping, having twitchy legs and my emotions were all over the place, especially anxiety, which I had never experienced before. 

Caroline Murray

As soon as I recognised this, I embraced perimenopause as a powerful life phase. I began to use it for personal growth and everything changed: I no longer allowed myself to be defined by the symptoms and caught up in the emotions. I began to stake a claim on who I was and wanted to be, and I found a new, powerful way of creating the second act of my life, by using the fear and anxiety as a springboard for expansion and growth. 

Power through Perimenopause

...is a 6 week online group mastermind, where you will understand the perimenopause from a unique perspective, and use it to consciously craft the second act of your life. 


Each week includes one teaching video & one group coaching call, plus worksheets following The Alternative HRT system: Honour yourself, Rediscover your essence, Transform your life. 

​ Ditch feelings of confusion, anxiety, & fear as we journey to deep calm, peace, radiance and joy

 Recognise and understand your emotional experience of perimenopause, and use it for deep healing, liberating you to live a powerful, productive & liberated second act

​ Tap deeply into your new dreams and desires now that you are perimenopausal, experience certainty about who you are and what you want and communicate it to those you love 


​ Free yourself from anything that is leaching your power so you can stand in your full radiance and rise into the super powerful woman that you are

You will... 

Program begins 1st February 2021

Take your place on Power Through Perimenopause and complete the application form by clicking on this button... 

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